Tuesday, March 19

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Japanese Celebrate Penis Festival, Parades Giant Phallus Across the Street - PHOTO

A giant Phallus was paraded across the street of Komaki, as the festival gather thousand of people to witness the penis festival.

So many objects and food shaped like the male anatomy all feature at the Penis Festival, which is also known as Honen-sai.

Every year in March, residents and visitors of the Aichi Prefecture in Japan flock to Komaki, north of Nagoya, all gather as Japanese celebrate penis festival, Parades giant Phallus across the street.

Men of different age are seen carrying a two-metre penis, carved from Japanese cypress, and offer it to the shrine with prayers for a good harvest, flourishing of all natural things and fertility to loved ones.

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This carved Phallus weighing upwards of 400kg and with a circumference of more than 100cm, and is the one to which most tributes and prayers are paid.

Originally, the statue was much smaller and attached to a representation of a samurai, but it has grew bigger over the years.

Lucky guests are able to give the wooden penis a kiss on the tip.

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