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4 Sex Positions That Burn Calories and Help You Lose Weight Fast

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Love making is a Physical act same as any form of exercises, it makes use of energy when doing it – in other words sex helps you burn calories. There are 4 sex positions that burn calories and help you lose weight fast with a visible effect in days.
In this article, we look at some facts about Positions that burn calories and help you lose weight fast.

Can I Burn Calorie during Intimacy with my Partner?

It is important to know that you need to invest in quality time with your partner in bed. There is nothing greater than having a good hot, steamy (exercise) session. Working out your heart rate, ramping up your body temperature are all gear toward burning calories, which is key in the fight against belly fat.
Lots of works and research have been carried out in this area – relating to sex and energy expenditure. Obviously, everyone wants to know more about it. How Surprising will it be, when you tell people the reason you’re having more sex these days is to help you burn calories and lose weight fast, funny right, but of a truth that reason is genuine

Which Sex Positions Burn the Most Calories and Help me Lose Weight?

Now, we know ‘sexercise’ is officially a thing, but you need to know which positions can burn more calories and help you lose weight. In addition, they also reduce belly fat.
Please bare in mind that it’s not only the position that brings the resultant effects. The intensity of love making and more vigorous romp matters – the longer you last, the more calories you are going to shred.
Therefore, here are the most energy-consuming 4 sex positions that burns calorie and help you lose weight fast!

Do It Standing

This position is one of the most effective positions if you want to have the ultimate intimacy workout. Here you work pretty hard to brace your core and support your weight (and your partner’s). You will move more muscles than you would lying down. Before i forget, you will need stamina for this.


Some people might think this position is not an adventurous move. Missionary position is a great calorie burner. It works on the inner thighs and core muscles, it depends on the exact position you adopt, it can also work your arms too.
 If your partner is thrusting toward you, you should make it an equal and opposite thrust back, and that requires a lot of core strength. This correspondingly burns calorie and help you lose weight fast.

Get a Squat in Cowgirl

For the ladies, this helps to burn calories around your inner thighs, glutes and abs. The lady assumes the squat position to kick start her exercise.  She can come up onto her feet, almost like a squat over him to make it even more intense. As she move up and down she is targeting her front thigh muscles and calves.
This position gives room to move forward and backward to work on that muscle group more and burn extra calories and lose weight in no distance time.
In Cowgirl an average220 calories is burned in a 20-30 minute session!!

Do it Doggy style

This position can burn a lot of calories. It helps to exercise the core muscles, glutes for the man. While for the woman, this position works on the triceps, chest, core and legs. This is very good for cardio workouts and aerobics.  A doggy style is a great position for calorie expenditure helping you lose weight fast.


Now you know all that you need to know about different sex position that stand in as exercise for you.

So, which of this positions will you be trying tonight !

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