Thursday, January 31

Selfie Crazy: 3 friends Stopped in the tunnel to take a selfie, Causes commotion

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3 friends nearly caused a pandemonium in a tunnel when they pull over to take selfie in a very busy highway.

As shared online the friends were seem taking picture and drinking as the go along.

Crazy young people i must say!!

Watch now!!

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Woman on Phone Knocked Down by a Reversing Vehicle - (VIDEO) Dailyworldgist

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A tragic event took place today, when a woman on her phone was knocked down by a reversing vehicle while walking across a busy road. All incident was captured on camera

Eye witness said " the woman was lost in a Conversation and did not see the reversing vehicle, luckily she came out alive

See video at image bel0w 

Wednesday, January 30

Woman Tried to Kill Boyfriend With a Sword after Finding A "Dating App" on his Phone

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Fellows some women got no chill - some can be so possessive and dangerous.  Read what this woman did after she finds a dating app on her boyfriend's phone.....

A woman tried to kill her boyfriend in his sleep by repeatedly slashing him with samurai sword after she discovered Tinder on his phone (Dating App), a court heard.

Emily Javier, 31, told police she had been plotting the frenzied attack for a week after becoming suspicious partner Alex Lovell, 30, was cheating on her.

She claimed to not only have found the dating app on his phone, but also strands of red hair in their shower drain.

The final straw, she said, was when Mr Lovell, whom she had been dating for two years, came home one evening and ignored her.

"I was trying to kill him for cheating. That was my purpose," Javier told officers, according to an affidavit.
Alex Lovell recovering and enjoying the day with friends

This week she pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree domestic violence murder. She will be sentenced in March and could face up to 20 years behind bars, reports the Columbian .

Police found Mr Lovell on March 3 curled up in a ball with life threatening injuries in a blood-splattered room at their home in Camas, Washington.

He suffered so many slash wounds, officers couldn't confirm how many times he was cut. Several of his fingers also had to be reattached.

Javier had waited until they were in bed and had turned off the lights before she reached for the sword and began hacking at him.

She had taped the weapon to to the side of the bed, along with two other knives, as well as hiding Mr Lovell's phone so he couldn't call for help.

"I saw the look in her eyes, and it scared the living poop out of me," he told the Columbian.

"I told her I loved her, and she was killing me. She needed to call police, or I was going to die."

Javier dialed 911, telling an emergency dispatcher: "I just stabbed my boyfriend. He's dying, you've got to hurry up. I stabbed him.
Alex Lovell in the Hospital

Mum and Children Killed and Buried in a Well for Being witches (PHOTO)

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India - A mum and her four children, including a baby, were beaten, killed with wooden sticks and an axe for "being witches" and later buried in a well.

Mangri Munda and her two sons and two daughters - aged one, four, seven and 12, respectively - were killed as they slept and their bodies were dumped inside a well.

Six men have been arrested on suspicion of the murders, say reports.

Kavita Jalan, senior police officer in the Sundergarh district of Orissa, India, said the main suspect claimed to be a "witch doctor".

In parts of India, "witch hunts" targeting women are fairly common.

"We are trying to track others who were involved in the crime and will make more arrests.

"It is necessary to raise awareness among people in the village against such superstitious activities," Ms Jalan added.

A group of men broke into Ms Munda's home late into the night of January 25.

Their bodies were discovered in the well the next day.

Nine people were given the death penalty in Orissa last year for murdering three members of a family over suspicion of being witches.

Police records state 99 cases of "witch hunting" were reported in 2017, which is an increase from the previous year, when 83 cases were reported.

Superstitious beliefs are often behind some of these attacks, but there are occasions when people - especially widows - are targeted for their land and property.

Fitness: Woman Thrown out of gym for Revealing too Much Skin and Confusing Men (PHOTO)

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A funny thing happened when a woman was thrown out of gym for wearing clothes that were revealing  and showing too much skin then confusing men working out in the gym.

She twitted "Just got kicked out of my gym, because my clothes were to “revealing” (see photo) and
were confusing the men in the gym. What century are we in again? So sad". 

When you go to the gym, you're probably not all that focused on what everyone around you is doing.

You're concentrating on working up a sweat and staying on the treadmill for just one more minute.

However it wasn't her crunches or impressive lifts that had people stopping what they were doing, it was her outfit, which bared about an inch of flesh on her stomach.

Law student Marny, 22, was shocked when a female member of staff approached her at a gym she'd been attending in Constance, Germany for the last two years.

She claims the woman told her "you can't train like that" and indicated to her work out gear, which consisted of a black crop top and trousers.

According to staff at the gym her outfit was deemed too "distracting".

Speaking to the Standard, Marny said: "She told me 'you can't train like that' and I was just looking at her confused because I didn't know what she meant.

More Photo here

Tuesday, January 29

Spiderman Moves: Man Arrested for Climbing a Building of 700ft Tall in Philippines (PHOTO)

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A death-defying Moves performed in a  Spiderman kinda way was seen yesterday when a French daredevil defies all odds to climb a 700ft skyscraper without a harness. However, after the whole thing the Frenchman was arrested for climbing the building.

Office workers were stunned as self-declared "badass" Alain Robert suddenly appeared outside their windows as he scaled the GT International Tower in Makati, Philippines.

Extraordinary pictures and video on social media show the 56-year-old stuntman - clad in a dark shirt and yellow trousers with a camera strapped to his head - climbing the 47-storey tower without any safety equipment.

The urban climber and Guinness World Record holder later told reporters following his arrest: "There is the good crazy and the bad crazy... but what people are saying about me is I'm a badass."

Robert, who suffers from vertigo, risked death has he pulled himself up from one floor to the next, high above a crowd watching from the street below.

Makati police said Robert spent about an hour on the side of the tower before descending, and was arrested at about 12pm local time on Tuesday.


Knockout: Man Beat-up two Ladies Outside a US Club, Got Cheered (VIDEO)

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A disturbing incident happened when a man knockout two ladies outside a US club and was cheered as he beats up the women.

An eye witness  "said the ladies got what they deserved because they were insulting the man calling him all sort of names".

After while the Police came to the scene and disperse everyone.

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This Happens When a Man Was Teaching his 4 Years Old Daughter How to Shoot a Gun (VIDEO)

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A rather fun and tragic thing happen when a man was teaching his 4 years-old daughter how to shoot a Gun. The gun they used for practice was a walther P22 and was heavy loaded.

My question is - is this the right thing to teach a four years old girl? anyway lets hear your comment about this.

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Thursday, January 24

Woman Overdosed on Drugs Killed her Baby as she Rolled over him

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A 13-month-old baby boy has died after his mum allegedly rolled on top of him while overdosing on drugs.

Antoinette King, 33, survived the heroin overdose but little Jeremiah died after the incident at their home, police say.

It is alleged that King rolled on to the small youngster during the tragedy in Lumberton, New Jersey, US, on Sunday.

She apparently suffocated him while her body was on top of his.

King was reportedly later found passed out on Jeremiah.

Her grandmother discovered the pair lying on top of a bed unresponsive and phoned police, Tri-City Herald reports.

Monday, January 21

Woman seen Breastfeeding her 7 years-old son Hits back at Haters - PHOTO

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A British woman came hard on people calling her names for breastfeeding her son of 7-year-old. The mum whose Son is autistic has hit back at online trolls who branded her a "paedophile" and "sick".

Australian Lisa Bridger, 46, revealed in a Kidspot post in June that she still feeds her autistic son Chase, and his four-year-old brother Pheonix, who is also autistic.

She defended her choice, saying breastfeeding calms them .

Since she has been was bombarded with cruel comments claiming she was damaging her child - and even accusing her of child abuse and incest.

In an open letter posted to Kidspot today , Lisa said she would have continued to breastfeed Chase until he no longer wanted it, even if he didn’t have autism.

 She wrote: “To the adults who have commented that I am sick and need to get help, there is nothing mentally wrong with me, I am only doing what is natural.

“It's not a sexual act, I’m not a paedophile which is what quite a few have suggested.

“My son is very independent, self-assured, not damaged. His friends and peers don't tease as they have been educated in the fact that what he is doing is ok.

Sunday, January 20

Miracle Baby Survive Heart Attack Twenty-five Times in One Day

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Micrales do happen! believe it today

No one could believe that little Theo Fry could survive such a massive heart attack.

At nine months old, Theo survived an incredible Twenty-five heart attacks in 24 hours – thought to be the most ever seen by UK medics in one person in one day.

His fight for life had begun at eight days old – and before his first birthday he had fought off total of 30 cardiac arrests, had 17 operations – two of them major open heart surgery – and beat deadly blood poisoning.

Now at 19 months, this little warrior is finally going from strength to strength under the gaze of loving parents who have been to hell and back.

“Everyone expected Theo to die,” says mum Fauve Syers.

“Now he has such a zest for life. It is truly a miracle."

More story as the News unfold

Babies Born in January and February are likely to be Rich and Famous

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Studies shows that people born in the first two months of the year often go on to become rich and famous in thier desire careers.
Do you belive this? Now lets shock you more with details.

The Journal of Social Sciences found that a large proportion of Hollywood stars were born between January 20 and February 18.

Researchers randomly selected from people of different walks of life, including politicians, scientists, authors, sports icons, singers, actors, and celebrities from history and from the current time.

Starting with a sample size of 100 and increasing to 200 and then 300, researchers found Aquarius to be the zodiac when most of the celebrities are born.

The study concludes: "The highest number of celebrities is born in the zodiac sign Aquarius."

Typical traits of an Aquarius include being energetic, imaginative and independent according to, so it makes sense some might go on to high-flying creative careers - if you're someone who believes in astrology that is.

Famous celebrities with that star sign include Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey and Cristiano Ronaldo.

This isn't the only study that indicates that January and February babies often end up in highly-desirable careers.

Other studies have suggested that people born in winter months are more likely to perform better in tests at school.

Meanwhile researchers within the UK Office of National Statistics analysed 19 different professions from a census to find out how career and birth months correlate.

They determined that people born in January most often went on to be doctors which is pretty amazing, although becoming a debt collector was also an increased likelihoood.

The same ONS study found that people born in February were more likely than any other month to be artists.

Babies born in January were also found to be more likely to grow up to be CEOs.
NOW you could see from all indications that babies born in january and febuary growup to become famous and rich in our society.

So plan your next child birth to fall within this months **winks**

Saturday, January 19

Having Sex on a First Date Could Lead to a Long Lasting Relationship

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Generally, it is believed that having sex on a first date could jeopardize your opportunity of having a meaningful relationship.

However, as indicated by a new research, getting intimate at a beginning could really
kick off a connection between soon-to-be partners and generate a long lasting relationship.

A group of psychologists from the Israeli-based Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and the University of Rochester's Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology presume that sexual desire may assume a major part in attracting potential lovers to one another.

Yet, critically, sexual desire has an imperative impact in empowering attachment between individuals.

"Sex may set the ground for developing passionate connection between unknown individuals," the examination's lead author Gurit Birnbaum, a social analyst and associate prof. of psychology at the IDC Herzliya, said.

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Friday, January 11

Wednesday, January 9

Police Officer Sacked after he was Filmed Shooting a Chihuahua - PHOTO

January 09, 2019 0 Comments
A police officer has been sacked after he was captured on camera shooting a chihuahua, the dog owner filmed the officer shooting the dog.

Animal lovers were left furious when footage emerged of the police dog handler opening fire on the tiny dog.

Deputy Keenan Wallace was responding to a call about an aggressive dog in the city of Conway, Arkansas when he shot the pet.

In the clip, the officer can be seen speaking to a resident as two small dogs run around on the grass.

One of the dogs starts barking when the homeowner, Doug Canady, refuses to go to the road to speak to the officer.

The officer then shoots the Chihuahua, which can be seen writhing in pain.

Mr Canaday then started shouting: "Are you f***ing kidding me? You're f***ing kidding me."

Deputy Wallace replies: "I told you."

The dog, a Chihuahua mix named Reese's, was rescued by Mr Canaday and weighs less than (4.5kg) 10lb.

Speaking to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Mr Canaday said Reese's needs surgery for a broken jaw.

The clip has since gone viral with social media users demanding Deputy Wallace be prosecuted over his actions.

He is facing charges for close use of raffle to the populace.

Monday, January 7

See moment Man Got bitten in the Head as he Perform with a Snake -VIDEO

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'As shared by facebook user'

*Moment man got bitten by snake during circuit performance*

this video is trending at the moment. In the video you could see a circuit performer blowing a snake and suddenly the snake turn around strike the man.

Watch video below image

Sunday, January 6

Woman Pays Ex-husband £250,000 After he Sue her for Paternity Fraud - See Why

January 06, 2019 0 Comments
A British woman paid her ex-husband £250,000 for paternity fraud after he discovered Their three sons weren’t his when Doctor told him he had cystic fibrosis, which had made him infertile all his life.

Richard Mason, 55, was shocked when he found out his wife had cheated on him and his children had another natural father. He had gotten a DNA test three years ago after doctors told him he was suffering from cystic fibrosis, which had made him infertile all his life.

His ex-wife Mrs Mason admitted the affair through a text, telling him: ‘In spite of what you think I am very sorry that you have been caused such an emotional upheaval.’ co-founder Mr Mason was not happy he had been deceived and decided to sue her for paternity fraud.

He has now accepted a £250,000 out of court settlement from his former partner, which is a fraction of the £4 million he wanted back from their 2006 divorce agreement. He told The Mail on Sunday: ‘You don’t know what’s real and what isn’t — it’s as if I’m living in The Matrix. ‘Someone says to you, “All you know and everything you thought solid and true is not real, and never did exist. You are not a father, you are not able to have kids, your name will not continue”.’

Mr Mason, from Rhos, North Wales, no longer sees two of his sons who have stopped contact. He has twin sons, aged 19, and another son, 23, who did not give a sample for the DNA test. Mr Mason added: ‘I still see what the boys are doing on Facebook and its heart-wrenching. It’s all been taken away from me.’

Mrs Mason was not required to name her children’s biological dad during the court case and she did not reveal if he knew he was their father. Mr Mason has since found love with new wife Emma.

BUSTED!! Wayne Rooney Arrested for Public Swearing Charges in US

January 06, 2019 0 Comments
Former England international footballer Wayne Rooney has been arrested for public swearing charges in Washington D.C.

The former Manchester United player, who now plays for American team DC United, was charged on December 16 in Loudoun County, Virginia, officials said.

He was arrested by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, although it is unclear whether he was held at the airport or elsewhere in the vicinity.

Officials state that he was released on his own recognizance and he reportedly paid a $25 fine on January 4. Report states that a hearing was due to take place on January 24, but this has now been waived.

Saturday, January 5

My Stomach Bleed Surgery is Caused by Split from Girlfriend - Diego Maradona

January 05, 2019 0 Comments
Argentinian  Legend was report to have hinted, his proposed  Surgery in Argentina may have been cause by depression from split from lover.

The football legend, 58, had failed to show up for training at Mexican side Dorados where he is now a coach.

It has now emerged that he has been admitted after internal bleeding in his stomach was detected during a routine check up.

Maradona will undergo an endoscopy at a clinic in Olivos, with children Gianna, Janita and Diego Jr at his side.

Maradona was expected to return to Mexico for Dorados' first Ascenso MX season clash against Celaya.

His absence had been credited to the former footballer suffering from depression due to problems in his personal and family life.

The claims were made on Argentine TV with Maradona’s recent split from girlfriend Rocio Oliva stated as one of the causes of the problems.

Brit's first Transgender Husband Happy and Wife to start a Family After Meeting Surrogate

January 05, 2019 0 Comments
One of Britain's first set of Transgender Husband and Wife are happy to start a family after they met some surrogate to bare children for them. Jake and Hannah Graf met three years ago and married at the beginning of 2018.

The transgender couple have recently moved in together after years of splitting their time between Jake’s west London flat and Hannah’s former army barracks at Sandhurst.

They first connected over social media through mutual friends in the transgender community.

Jake, an actor and director, transitioned 10 years ago, while Hannah, who joined the army as a man and served in Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers, began transitioning five years ago.

Jake told Barcroft TV: “We have that link that most of society will never understand which is a really, really powerful thing to have.

“Our trans identities are just something that kind of eased our getting to know each other - it’s certainly not what brought us together, it’s certainly what not keeps us together, it’s certainly what not defines our relationship and it’s certainly not why we are together. We are together because of everything else and the fact that we are both trans just makes those difficult moments that much easier.”

Keen to have children, the couple are starting 2019 by looking into the surrogacy process.

Jake said: “Our next plan is now surrogacy. So we have already spoken to several agencies about our surrogacy journey and done lots of research.”

[GRAPHIC] Law Student Murdered Lecturer After Catching him Cheating (VIDEO)

January 05, 2019 0 Comments
A university lecturer was gruesomely murdered by a law student after she caught him cheating in a law exam.

Hasan Ismail Hikmet, 23, is accused of stabbing then shooting Ceren Damar Senel, a research assistant at Cankaya University in the Turkish capital city of Ankara.

The 27-year-old died at the scene despite the efforts of paramedics who were called by horrified eyewitnesses.

Hikmet later gave himself up to police officers who claim he went home to get the gun of his father, a retired police officer, before returning to shoot the academic.

Hasan Ismail Hikmet, shoot Ceren Damar Senel
He allegedly told them he decided to kill Ms Senel after she refused to be dissuaded from launching an investigation into him for cheating in the law exam.
Hikmet allegedly called his parents to tell them what he had done after the incident and his father went with him to a local police station.

Watch video below image

Trump Threatened Government Shutdown may Last for Years if Border wall not Built

January 05, 2019 0 Comments
US President Donald Trump has said US Government will remain shutdown, no matter how long until the border wall is founded 

After meeting top Democrats, he also said he could declare a national emergency to bypass Congress and build a US-Mexico border wall.

Trump insisted he would not sign any bill without wall funding, which Democrats adamantly oppose.

Around 800,000 federal workers have been without pay since 22 December.

The Republican president initially gave a positive account of yesterday’s meeting at the White House, describing it as “very productive”.

But then he acknowledged in response to a journalist’s question that he had threatened to keep federal agencies closed for years if necessary.

“I did say that, absolutely I said that,” said Trump in the executive mansion’s Rose Garden. “I don’t think it will but I am prepared.”

“I’m very proud of doing what I’m doing,” the president added. “I don’t call it a shutdown, I call it doing what you have to do for the benefit and safety of our country.”

When asked whether he had considered using emergency presidential powers to bypass congressional approval of funding, Trump said he had.

The U.S. Constitution assigns Congress the power over funding the federal government, so Trump would likely face legal challenges if he tried to bypass Congress on financing the wall.

Celebrity Leak: Cyber Gang set to Release Unclad Photos of Celebrities undergoing Plastic Surgery

January 05, 2019 0 Comments
A cyber gang is on the verge of releasing sensitive material concerning top celebrities that has gone under the knife to perfect their look. Several top celebrities are living in fear after a cyber gang releases pictures of them undergoing plastic surgery and promise more leak in few days

Cops and the UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) are investigating the threat by the gang - who call themselves the Dark Overlords.

The gang is believed to have hacked into files from top private clinics favoured by the stars. It is believed some of the snaps show A-listers who have never publicly admitted going under the knife.

Procedures at the London Bridge Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Clinic are believed to be the main target. Sources say pictures of breast implants, nose jobs and liposuction were the main targets.

Some of the pictures are said to show the stars unclad.

The NCSC told the Daily Star they were aware of the hack and were investigating.

In 2014 hackers may have obtained up to 423 images of over a 100 celebrities without their permisson in the biggest invasion of stars' privacy in recent history.

Initial reports on 4chan, the forum where the first images of Jennifer Lawrence were leaked, suggested 101 stars were involved but the scope was far bigger.

A recent post the on the site, which allows users to post anonymously, sees a user asking others to collate all the leaked images they have, that so far comes to a tally of 423.

The person behind the leaked images posted a brief statement, saying that they were going to bed because "s*** was getting real."

Nude snaps, some which are extremely explicit, were posted online along with 100 others.

See photos @below image

First Photo from Beyonce and Jay Z's Wedding Vows Renewal - PHOTO

January 05, 2019 0 Comments
Super star, Beyonce gave a glimpse of her wedding renewal with husband Jay Z. We couldnt but notice the lovely wedding dress she wore.

The couple declared their love for each other all over again to mark their 10th wedding anniversary last year.

They kept the vow renewal ceremony private, but Beyonce, 37, has now finally shown off the gown she wore for her big day back in June.

In a picture posted as part of an end of year montage, she is standing on a lawn cuddling her rapper husband.

She's wearing sunglasses as she poses in the stunning off-the shoulder lace frock.
The outfit was completed by an extra long train that stretched out over the grass lawn.

Previous reports revealed the dress was made by designer Galia Lahav and cost more than £8,000.

A source said "Beyonce's stylist went to Lahav's flagship store in April 2018 to purchase the dress, and the designer was made aware the gown maybe used for the couple's 10-year anniversary vow renewal."

Friday, January 4

TRAGIC!! Woman, 22, Killed by Lion two Weeks After Working at a Natural Reserve Park - PHOTO

January 04, 2019 0 Comments
Tragic struck a young woman of 22-years-old was attacked and killed by lion two weeks after working at a Natural Reserve park.

Alexandra Black, 22, from New Palestine, Indiana, had only worked at the Conservators Center in North Carolina for two weeks before she was tragically killed on Sunday.

She had recently graduated from Indiana State University before joining the center as a college intern, police said.

Alexandra was killed when one of the lions somehow escaped the locked facility and got into a staff area where it fatally attacked her.

The animal was shot dead by police when attempts to tranquilize it failed so they could retrieve her body.

"Our beautiful, intelligent, passionate Alex had worked, unpaid, at several animal-related ventures," her family said in a statement. "This was her fourth internship, because she really wanted to make a career of working with animals."

While her colleagues say they are "devastated".

In a statement earlier today, they said: "The Conservators Center is devastated by the loss of a human life today.

"While a husbandry team led by a professionally trained animal keeper was carrying out a routine enclosure cleaning, one of the lions somehow left a locked space and entered the space the humans were in and quickly killed one person.

"It is unclear at this time how the lion left the locked enclosure.

"The lion was shot and killed to allow Caswell County personnel to retrieve the worker.

"This is an ongoing investigation, we have no further details at this time, and the family has not yet been notified."

It added: "We will offer more information as we know more. The Conservators Center will be closed until further notice."

Alexandra before her death

Lesbian Mum Dump Partner, Falls in Love with Sperm Donor - PHOTO

January 04, 2019 0 Comments
Jessica Share planned to spend the rest of her life with the woman she married - but life took another turn. She finds happiness with Aaron who she finally met 12 years after having his baby.

After marrying her partner, Jessica welcome the arrival of their baby, from a sperm donor called Aaron.

However, Jessica’s dreams were left shattered when five years later, in 2010, without warning leaving her to take care of the duaghter from the marraige.

But then in 2017, Jessica, 42, finally met her Aaron (now Boyfriend) - 12 years after giving birth to his child.

And now, the mum-of-one along with sperm donor Aaron Long have moved in together making a happy home for Alice along with several of the kids he has fathered throughout his life.

Jessica never expected to meet Alice’s sperm donor, never mind date and move in with him.

“I felt like I had been watching him for over a decade,” she said.

"Am happy and in the best place at the moment, I love Aaron and my daughter from him (Alice) and want spend the restof life with him"

More Photo Below

Aaron with all his children
Aaron and his daughter Alice
Jessica full of smiles

Tuesday, January 1

Wife Drags Cheating Husband by his Manhood as She Caught him with Another Woman - PHOTO

January 01, 2019 3 Comments
A wife who reportedly caught her man with another woman decided to teach him a lesson by dragging him along the road by his Joystick.

The furious woman unleashed her wrath on the pair after they failed to give answers when she demanded to know what was going on.

The wife is also accused of attacking the alleged girlfriend, named as Carol, before turning her attentions to her husband who was reportedly "trembling with fear".

Newspapers in Nigeria, where the incident took place, said Carol had tried to calm the situation telling the woman that she didn’t realise he was married.

It is claimed the wife still attacked her for “being stupid” and slapped her across the face.

The wife shouted: “How can you see a grown up man like this and think he is single?
"You are lying as you can even see he is clean, to show that someone is taking care of him.
"You are a prostitute and I will teach you a lesson.”

Her husband’s efforts to restrain failed and he was also slapped by his wife before she pulled him away by his manhood.