Sunday, December 23

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Deadly Tsunami Hits Indonesia Claiming 168 Lives - PHOTO

No fewer than 168 people have been confirmed dead and hundreds more injured after a tsunami hits through popular beaches in Indonesia. 

Hundreds of buildings have been destroyed by the wave, which hit the coast of southern Sumatra and the western tip of Java following a volcanic eruption last night. Search and rescue teams continue to scour rubble for survivors, with 168 people so far confirmed dead, 745 people injured and 30 reported missing.

Images of the aftermath of the tsunami in coastal areas showed a trail of uprooted trees and debris strewn across beaches. A tangled mess of corrugated steel roofing, timber and rubble was dragged inland at Carita beach, a popular day-tripping spot on the west coast of Java.

Asep Perangkat, who fled Carita beach Saturday night, said he was with his family when the wave surged through the town, carving a path of destruction. ‘Cars were dragged about 10 metres and so were containers,’he said. ‘Buildings on the edge of the beach were destroyed, trees and electric poles fell to the ground.

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