Wednesday, August 1

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Last Surviving Cave Man Found Living In A Hole In The Amazon (PHOTO)

‘The Man in the Hole’, as he is described. He is believed to be the last known survivor of an indigenous tribe who were murder3d by farmers 22 years ago. He has been living on his own in the remote state of Rondonia, Brazil, ever since, surviving on pigs, birds, monkeys and plants of the jungle.

Believed to be between 55 and 60 years old, the lonesome figure has never spoken to anyone from mainstream civilization.

Though his name, tribe and language remain a mystery, it’s understood the other five remaining members of his tribe were purged by farmers in a ‘genocidal attack’, in 1996. Photos from his home show a wooden spear and bamboo sticks used for hunting as well as one of the holes which has given him his nickname. Local officials say the holes are used to trap animals or for him to hide in while he’s out hunting in the Amazon jungle.

Survival International advocacy director, Fiona Watson, believes the lone wanderer is a symbol for the importance of human diversity – a symbol that must be protected. Fiona said: ‘Piecing together information from neighbouring tribes, we believe he is the sole survivor of a wave of genocidal attacks.

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