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Singles Day 2019: 3 Benefits of celebrating singles day as Married or in a Relationship

As the name implies singles day is a day set aside for young people to celebrate their youthfulness and independence. This day is celebrated more in China where it's originated and this year's singles day 2019 wouldn't be an exception.

People go shopping, clubbing and hanging out in cool fun places to celebrate. Alibaba, one of the world's biggest e-commerce website was reported to have made a whopping sum of $15 billion from customers in 2015, buying things on their website.

Some Stock market analysts suggested that Singles' Day in China is becoming larger than Black Friday in the United States.

In addition to great sales and celebrating youthful independence, many people attend parties at clubs or bars with their friends. Karaoke bars are quite popular among young people during Singles' Day.

Although this holiday was meant to celebrate singles lifestyles, some people have used it to bid goodbye to their single lives and find a spouse. Many young people attend dating parties to find a suitable spouse.

History of Singles Day

Singles Day is popularly known as a Chinese holiday that.....

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