Tuesday, March 12

# Crime

Man Returned Money after Robbing woman with Knife at ATM Machine - See Why? Video

A Chinese robber is trending, as he was captured on camera returning a woman's money as soon as he saw her bank balance after robbing her with knife at ATM machine.

The man has been named China's "kindest" robber after footage caught him hand the victim her cash.

The CCTV clip, taken in China's Guangdong province recently, shows the man creep up behind the victim with a knife.

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The woman, named Li, hands over 2,500 yuan (£280) she had just got out the ATM. But she shows him she has no more money left in her account.

And the robber is seen returning the cash and smiling as he leaves.

However, police still arrested the robber and he remains in custody.

But the clip has since been shared widely on social media, and some have lauded the suspect, compared him to Robin Hood.


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