Tuesday, February 19

Young Girl beat-up a 61-year-old Woman for Flirting with her Boyfriend

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A 61-year-old woman was left with broken bones after she was accused of having an affair with a 24-year-old man.

Rhonda Morris claims that she was attacked by a woman and thrown over her garden gate after she accepted a lift from the young man, who she has known for years.

The woman says she was left with painful injuries to her wrist and shoulder as a result of the assault.
However police have recently informed Ms Morris that no further action will be taken because there is not sufficient evidence.

Sunday, February 17

OMG!! Man Molested and Killed a 4-year-old Girl after Her Mother Rejected Him(VIDEO)

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An India  man has molested, killed and skinned a girl after her mother rejected his advances, police have said.
The 27-year-old man visited the four-year-old's mother at her home in a town in Maharashtra, When the woman snubbed and reprimanded him in public, the man decided to take revenge, Raigad superintendent of police Anil Paraskar said.
After taking the girl and gagging her at his home, the suspect is thought to have sexually assaulted and then killed her.
The man then severed the girl's head with a kitchen knife and dumped her torso about 300m behind the house.
He is accused of then leaving her head nearby having peeled off the skin so authorities could not identify her.
The case follows a string of high profile sex attacks in India, with huge crowds protesting the alleged rape of a teenager by a ruling party politician in the state of Uttar Pradesh in April.
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Farmer Harvest a Giant Cabbage Which is The same Size as a Person (PHOTO)

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A Farmer name Rosemary Norwood and her husband Sean Cadman have spent the last nine months lovingly taking care of a cabbage growing at the bottom of their garden.

And all their hard work has paid off, as they have managed to produce a giant cabbage which is now the same size as a person.

The semi-retired couple have been growing vegetables for years but said this is the biggest they've ever had.

Rosemary, 70, said: "It's unbelievable how big it had gotten. I didn't realise just the size of it until we picked it.

"It could have kept growing I think, but we decided we should finally pick it because the insects were starting to get into it.


Moment a Lady Found out her Boyfriend Borrowed Engagement ring to Propose to her

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John Elliot and girlfriend Ashleigh
It was a hilarious moment when a lady found out her  boyfriend, John Elliot had borrowed an engagement ring to pop the question.

John Elliot 27, decided to hire a ring from a complete stranger to use as part of the romantic proposal he had planned for girlfriend Ashleigh.

He splashed out £50 to use Jenni Parker's £7,000 engagement ring after listing the unusual request for a ring online.

The unusual idea came about because John wanted Ashleigh to choose her own ring but didn't want to propose without one.

The recruiter, who lives in Balham, said: "I wanted Ashleigh to pick the exact ring she wanted and this was the only way to propose without her knowing it was happening.

"For the photos, I wanted it to be the calibre of ring she deserves. She said yes!"
the hired engagement ring

John listed the ring request on Fat Llama , a website for lending and borrowing all different sorts of items.

He admits Ashleigh was a bit sad when she realised she couldn't keep the stunning ring, but says she now knows the kind of ring she wants.

He said: "She loved the ring, she was a little sad it was only for the evening but ultimately it gave her a better idea of what she was looking for."

Saturday, February 16

Khloe Kardashian Broke up with Boyfriend Tristan Thompson for Cheating

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Khloe,Tristan Thompson and their baby true
Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Khloe is said to have called it quits on her relationship with Tristan, who she shares 10-month-old (Baby)True Thompson with.

 According to Radar Online, multiple sources close to the pair say they have been living separate lives and Khloe is ‘much happier’ being a single parent. When Khloe was days away from giving birth to True last year, basketball star Tristan was accused of cheating with various women.

An insider told Radar that Khloe had become suspicious the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player was unfaithful again during the Christmas holidays while she was in LA with the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family. 

Speculation about their relationship re-ignited again after another source alleged that the couple barely spent any time together as Tristan has not been pictured with his young family in weeks.
baby true and mom

Friday, February 15

Great Grandma Celebrate her 100th Birthday with Randy Male Strippers - PHOTO/VIDEO

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Doll jenkins with male strippers and other staffs
It takes luck for people to live long enough to celebrate their 100th birthday.

Great-great-grandma Doll Jenkins mark the day by enjoying some quality time and a slice of cake with her loved ones. Not only that, she had an extra special treat as she marked the landmark birthday with two naked hunky men.

Staff at her retirement home in Colchester, Essex, hired the two naked butlers to serve up sandwiches, scones, tea and wine at her party.

Doll absolutely loved her present, and even though the was nervous at first it wasn't long before she was "smacking their bottoms" and making cheeky comments.

Leigha Jones, senior carer at the home, said Doll had a great time with the hunks.

She said: "Her face just lit up when they came in, she was beaming.

"We all sat in the lounge area waiting for them and when they came in she was a bit taken aback.

"She told them to go and put some clothes on, but she soon came out of her shell and was flirting and smacking their bottoms.
"She loved it and she kept asking them to come back and say goodbye to her properly."

After the men left, Doll kept asking staff if they could "go and find the naked men again".

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US Most Wanted Rapist, Finally Shot Dead by Police - PHOTOS

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woodspring Suits where carlson was shoot dead
A Police officers attached to North Carolina police department has shot dead, America's Most wanted suspected serial rapist who crept into women’s homes in the dead of night and attacked them.

Greg Alyn Carlson, 47, was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List and the crime agency described him as the “hot prowl rapist”.

Following a tip off, police cornered Carlson at a hotel in Apex, North Carolina.

Armed, he resisted arrest so cops were forced to shoot, officials said.

He died yesterday morning and positive identification of the body is still pending the coroner's examination, according to police.

Back in 2017 Carlson was arrested on multiple charges of burglary, attempted rape and assault with a deadly weapon.

After posting a $1m bond he managed to escape to South Carolina, stole a gun, then disappeared in a rental car.

A dangerous  car chase with cop ensued but as the pursuit reached high speeds, police were forced to terminate it for safety fears, and Carlson slipped away.

After that he was sighted in Jacksonville, Florida, and Daytona Beach, Florida.
A federal arrest warrant was issued in the United States District Court, Central District of California, on December 12, 2017, and Carlson was charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

The FBI suspected that Carlson was behind a number of rapes in the Los Angeles area.

They also warned he was "armed and dangerous” and an “escape risk".

Monday, February 11

OMG!! Police Officer using Live Snake to Interrogate Suspect to Make him Confess - Video

February 11, 2019 0 Comments
A disturbing Video has surfaced online showing a laughing police drape a live snake around a suspect's neck in a bid to make him confess.

The man was filmed screaming in distress as he sat with his hands tied behind his back during the interrogation in Papua New Guinea.

A voice can be heard ordering him to open his eyes, at one point threatening to put the snake into his mouth and down his trousers.

The suspect, who can been seen writhing on the ground  is asked by an officer: "How may times have you stolen mobile phones?"

He later responds by saying: "Only two times."

The local police force has now apologised and pledged to discipline those involved.

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Jennifer Aniston Looking Ageless as She Celebrates Her 50th Birthday - PHOTOS

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When you hit 50 its pretty much become invisible for women of such age to make front page or pull attention.

The Super star Jennifer Aniston looking ageless as she celebrates her birthday today.

It’s 25 years since she first appeared in Friends and she’s hardly aged a bit. 

And with her sunkissed Calfornia girl looks and timeless style she's the celebrity most women aspire to look like.

Jennifer has clearly worked her butt off to stay in such amazing shape.

She attributes her enviable physique to a mixture of yoga and regular work outs with trainer Leyon Azubuike. 

Leon is the founder of LA studio Gloveworx.

Apparently boxing is her newest craze and she works out for an hour every day, apart from Sunday which is her rest day.

Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show to promote her new film ‘Dumplin’ she described her trainer Leyon as her “gentle giant”.

"He calls me 'champ' and it's not weird!" she gushed. "I never thought someone would be able to call me champ and I would be OK [with it]!"

Talking to Instyle magazine last summer she also revealed: "Last year I discovered boxing and I love it, I have this trainer named Leyon, who I believe hung the moon."

HEARTLESS: How Elderly Woman was Left Standing on a Train While Younger People Got Seated

February 11, 2019 0 Comments
Some train passengers have been branded disrespectful and heartless after a picture emerged showing them failing to give up their seat for an elderly woman.

The image, believed to have been taken in Sydney, Australia, has been shared tens of thousands of times and sparked anger around the world.

It shows a woman who appears to be hunched as she clings onto a rail.

She is seen looking in the direction of three men sitting comfortably, taking up seats.

It was posted on Reddit with the caption 'No respect', although it is not clear whether any of the men shown had offered her a seat.

One fuming commenter wrote: "They need slapping, the lot of em, obviously they have no respect or manners."

Another criticised them for wearing earphones and not looking up, saying: "None of them would've heard if she'd even asked politely for the seat – all three seated with their earphones in or headphones on! Where's the human connection?"

It isn't known when the picture was taken, but it was heavily shared at the weekend.

While many were quick to condemn the men pictured, others leaped to their defence.

One person wrote: "Not defending them but... someone may have offered, but the elderly said 'No It's ok I'm getting off soon or at next stop.'

Sunday, February 10

Funeral of 6-Year-Old Saudi Boy Beheaded In Front of His Mother - VIDEO

February 10, 2019 0 Comments
Innocent Zakaria Al-Jaber before he was beheaded
 (Image: @Sajid14hussain/Twitter)
The tragic story about a six-year-old boy who was beheaded in front of his mother; was a scene no mother will ever want to remember. However, such barbaric act is still happening today

Watch Tragic Video here

Zakaria Al-Jaber was allegedly snatched from his mom, when he was approached with his mum while they visited a shrine to the Prophet Muhammad in Medina, Saudi Arabia. When some men asked if they were Shia Muslims.

After the mum said yes, a taxi pulled up beside them and her son was snatched, reports say.

He was then beheaded with a "piece of glass" for being the "wrong branch of Islam ", it is claimed.

The mum collapsed out of trauma, as reported.

The campaign #JusticeforZakaria is growing on social media.

"Smallest coffins are the heaviest," wrote one Twitter user.

Another called the killing "barbaric".

The hashtag has already been shared widely online.

Others took to social media with heart-rending tributes tonight.

Speaking of the gruesome moment of the attack, a source said: "The taxi driver then broke a glass bottle to obtain a shard of glass, which he then used to cut the throat of the child and stab him”.

Shia Rights Watch, a Washington DC-based campaign group, said: "There was no intervention from anyone and no response from authority thus far.

"The Saudi Shia community came together in mourning and to show solidarity with the parents.

"The community also reported this incident is a result of ongoing violations and lack of protection by the Saudi authority toward its Shia population.

"Saudi Shia have been under military crackdown by their government and many Shia are in prisons and on death toll."

But Saudi Arabia's predominant branch of Islam is Sunni, accounting for around three quarters of the population.

Human rights groups say practitioners of other forms of the faith - including Shia - are persecuted.

Watch Video @ Image below.

Single Mother Cries out - I am Addicted to Sex Toys and Can't find a Boyfriend

February 10, 2019 0 Comments
Elysia trust her toys to get the job done quicker
(Image: Tellandsellstories.co.uk)
A single mother cries out, she declared that "she uses her  sex toys up to ten times a day and her addiction has made it impossible for her to find a boyfriend".

Elysia Downings, 28 – single for three years – has spent more than £3,000 on the intimacy gadgets during a 15-year addiction.

She said: “I understand sex toys can make men feel insecure.

“The guys have to accept that anything with batteries will always get the job done quicker and more efficiently.”

“One man I was seeing threw my vibrator out of the window during an argument. He didn’t like the fact that I was using my toys when he wasn’t there."

And Elysia admitted: “Vibrators have replaced my sex life.

“They’re often the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and I use them up to ten times a day.

“I can find myself getting a bit moody if I haven’t had an orgasm. The more I use my toys, the more dependant I become. It feels similar to a cigarette addiction when you get cravings.

“I don’t feel I should be ashamed. Some women have a thing for shoes or bags, I just happen to get my thrills from sex toys.”

Elysia says her ­addiction began as a teenager. “When I was 13 I didn’t have sex toys so I used household items instead – back massagers, toothbrushes, ­anything that vibrates.

“I had a difficult childhood and needed an escape. Masturbation became that for me.

“It helped distract my mind from the emotions I was dealing with at the time.

"I was 17 when I bought my first toy and straight away I was hooked.”

Elysia, whose priciest sex toy cost £100, says vibrators satisfy all her needs.

"I’m guaranteed an orgasm – or several,” she explained.

“They won’t judge my naked body if I feel self-conscious. They won’t cheat on me and they won’t break my heart.

“What I love most is that I feel comfortable exploring my body with them.

“I’d rather respect my body by using a toy than being used by a partner who doesn’t value me and then feel bad about myself afterwards.”

Elysia calls herself hyper-sexual and doesn’t like to be without her toys if she is away from home.
She said:“If I’m going away for a night or two I’ll take a discreet toy with me to use when I’m alone.

“And if I’ve been out all day then it’s the first thing I do when I get home.

“Sometimes if I’m stressed, upset or even excited, I need a release to calm down.”

Single mum Elysia, from Buxton, Derbys, is careful to hide her addiction from her six-year-old son.

She said: “My bedroom is out of bounds. It would feel awkward and inappropriate if he found them.

“But if he did, I’d be honest and say they’re toys for grown-ups.”

Last year Elysia turned her addiction into a sex toy business, Betsy Boudoir.

She said: “I want others to have the same enjoyment I do, and I get my pick of the bunch at wholesale prices.”

Elysia went on: “I’m open to finding a partner but my addiction makes it very difficult to find the right one.

“I’ve met men who find it endearing but most find it off-putting. My perfect man is out there somewhere but for now I’m happy without one.”

Just because she’s single Elysia won’t miss out on Valentine’s Day this week.

Southampton Fans Detained After Mocking Emiliano Sala's Death During Game with Cardiff City.

February 10, 2019 0 Comments
Southampton and Cardiff observing a minute silence for Emiliano Sala
(Image: PA)
This cold hearted gesture by the Saints fans was uncalled for!!

Two Southampton fans were detained by police after they seen mocking the tragic death of Emiliano Sala during Cardiff's victory at St Mary's.

The Bluebirds were playing their first fixture since Sala's body was formally identified after it had been recovered from the wreckage of the Piper Malibu plane he had been flying in at St Mary's on Saturday.

Striker Sala disappeared over the English Channel as he flew from Nantes to Cardiff after securing a club record £15million switch.

Both Cardiff and Saints held a minute's silence before the match and wore black armbands in tribute to Sala.

But two Saints fans were spotted making airplane gestures during the game in reference to the appalling disaster.

Southampton wrote in a statement: “Southampton Football Club can confirm that two fans were detained and had their details taken by police during our match against Cardiff City on Saturday.
Southampton supporters been escorted out of the stadium by police officer
 for ill gesture toward cardiff"s Emiliano sala death.

“The Club will continue to work with Hampshire Police to identify any individuals deemed to have made indecent gestures towards Cardiff supporters.

“Such behaviour has no place in our game and will not be tolerated at St Mary’s.

"The club will be taking an extremely firm stance against anyone involved and intends to ban those supporters identified.”

Hampshire Police's Football United account added on Twitter: "Sad to say more than one arrest today of Saints fans for appalling gestures towards Cardiff fans, we will be working closely with Southampton to prevent this behaviour at football."

They were both ejected from the ground and face three-year banning orders from Saints.

Travelling Cardiff fans spotted the disgusting motion and could be heard shouting "sick" in a video which spread around social media on Saturday night.

Welsh AM Neil McEvoy tweeted: "Will this specimen be banned from your ground? I would like a reply".

Cardiff beat Saints 2-1 thanks to a 93rd minute winner from Kenneth Zohore.

Online Dating: Woman Scammed £6,000 by Male Stripper She met on a Dating Site

February 10, 2019 0 Comments
Charlotte and Mark Grace met on a online dating site
(Image: Matthew Usher Photography/Broadland Police)
An unsuspecting British woman was scammed by a man she meet on a dating site which left her broke and suicidal.

Tattooed male striper Mark Grace, 30, gave Charlotte, 26, a crippling debts of almost £6,000 for phones and loans.

Fortunately justice caught up with Mark, he was jailed for six years after complain by series of victims he targeted through dating apps and social media.

“I was minutes away from ending it all when I came my senses,” she said.

“Thank God I survived to see him get what he deserved.”
“I was a sucker for tattoos,” she recalled. “I’ve got a few myself and he had loads. that was what attracted me to him.
Charlotte showing the bill incurred from an-strange boyfriend
(Image: Matthew Usher Photography)

“He was kind, confident and full of compliments. I soon found myself falling for him.

“My grandad was poorly at the time, and when I took him to hospital for appointments Mark would come with me. When grandad died, Mark helped ferry relatives home from the funeral.

“I couldn’t have wished for a more caring and attentive boyfriend.”

Even his revelation that he earned his living as a stripper didn’t put her off.

“I was a bit taken aback at first, but he explained there was no sex involved and I told myself. ‘It’s just a job.’

“Everyone has to earn a living somehow. He was quite open about it.”

But four months later Grace began stripping... her of cash.

She said: “He told me he had a bad credit rating and needed a new phone so clients could call and book him.

“He suggested I get myself a new handset at the same time, so I took out
contracts for two new iPhones.

“He promised he’d pay me each month to cover the fees going out of my account.” But Grace kept both phones – and within days was begging for a loan.

“I told him straight. ‘No, I’ve just got two phones for you.’ He went on and on about it, pestering me for days to take out a loan for him. But I didn’t feel comfortable with it and told him so.

“Then, about a week later, he just vanished off the face of the earth.

“He blocked me on Facebook and social media. He refused to answer calls or texts.

Soon Charlotte began to get letters in her name from two other mobile phone providers chasing payments.

Grace had used her details to get more phones. And he’d also used them to borrow money from payday loan firms Wonga and Pounds to Pocket.

That is how is how it all happen

Saturday, February 2

Dailyworldgist: Woman Revolt, goes to urinate in the men's bathroom - VIDEO

February 02, 2019 0 Comments
Angry woman took  her anger against the men folk, by using the Men's room like every other men do. She told a funny way to register her displeasure against the ill treatment she gets from men.

"Men are bag of sh**t" she said

In the video shared by some one Online tagged "angry woman pissing in men's room" generated so many comments.

here is the video

see video at image bel0w

OMG!! 16-year-old Student Punches His Teacher in The Head Several Times in Classroom (VIDEO)

February 02, 2019 0 Comments
This boy got no chill!!

A teacher at South Division High School got beaten of his life when he was punched severally by his student in the classroom. 

The video shows a student punching a teacher several times in the head. That student, not just in trouble with the school...but also with police.

A confrontation between a student and a teacher--escalates to violence.

The circumstances around the fight isn't known.

Police say the student was arrested at the school and faces possible charges of battery.

A Milwaukee Public School spokesman says the district is cooperating with the investigation.

View Video at image below

Friday, February 1

Risk Taker: Man Seen Washing a Live Crocodile as if its Just a Harmless Pet - VIDEO

February 01, 2019 0 Comments
Please can someone tell me who gave this man such a risky job..For me this man is indeed a risk taker!

A video is trending online where a man was seen washing a live crocodile as if its just a harmless pet. The man was doing his business freely and with ease and it got me thinking if the crocodile was tranquillize but to my greatest amazement the croc was fully active.

let's here from you if you are given this kind of job, will do it?

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