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Wednesday, January 9

Police Officer Sacked after he was Filmed Shooting a Chihuahua - PHOTO

January 09, 2019 0 Comments
A police officer has been sacked after he was captured on camera shooting a chihuahua, the dog owner filmed the officer shooting the dog.

Animal lovers were left furious when footage emerged of the police dog handler opening fire on the tiny dog.

Deputy Keenan Wallace was responding to a call about an aggressive dog in the city of Conway, Arkansas when he shot the pet.

In the clip, the officer can be seen speaking to a resident as two small dogs run around on the grass.

One of the dogs starts barking when the homeowner, Doug Canady, refuses to go to the road to speak to the officer.

The officer then shoots the Chihuahua, which can be seen writhing in pain.

Mr Canaday then started shouting: "Are you f***ing kidding me? You're f***ing kidding me."

Deputy Wallace replies: "I told you."

The dog, a Chihuahua mix named Reese's, was rescued by Mr Canaday and weighs less than (4.5kg) 10lb.

Speaking to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Mr Canaday said Reese's needs surgery for a broken jaw.

The clip has since gone viral with social media users demanding Deputy Wallace be prosecuted over his actions.

He is facing charges for close use of raffle to the populace.

Monday, January 7

See moment Man Got bitten in the Head as he Perform with a Snake -VIDEO

January 07, 2019 0 Comments
'As shared by facebook user'

*Moment man got bitten by snake during circuit performance*

this video is trending at the moment. In the video you could see a circuit performer blowing a snake and suddenly the snake turn around strike the man.

Watch video below image

Sunday, January 6

Woman Pays Ex-husband £250,000 After he Sue her for Paternity Fraud - See Why

January 06, 2019 0 Comments
A British woman paid her ex-husband £250,000 for paternity fraud after he discovered Their three sons weren’t his when Doctor told him he had cystic fibrosis, which had made him infertile all his life.

Richard Mason, 55, was shocked when he found out his wife had cheated on him and his children had another natural father. He had gotten a DNA test three years ago after doctors told him he was suffering from cystic fibrosis, which had made him infertile all his life.

His ex-wife Mrs Mason admitted the affair through a text, telling him: ‘In spite of what you think I am very sorry that you have been caused such an emotional upheaval.’ co-founder Mr Mason was not happy he had been deceived and decided to sue her for paternity fraud.

He has now accepted a £250,000 out of court settlement from his former partner, which is a fraction of the £4 million he wanted back from their 2006 divorce agreement. He told The Mail on Sunday: ‘You don’t know what’s real and what isn’t — it’s as if I’m living in The Matrix. ‘Someone says to you, “All you know and everything you thought solid and true is not real, and never did exist. You are not a father, you are not able to have kids, your name will not continue”.’

Mr Mason, from Rhos, North Wales, no longer sees two of his sons who have stopped contact. He has twin sons, aged 19, and another son, 23, who did not give a sample for the DNA test. Mr Mason added: ‘I still see what the boys are doing on Facebook and its heart-wrenching. It’s all been taken away from me.’

Mrs Mason was not required to name her children’s biological dad during the court case and she did not reveal if he knew he was their father. Mr Mason has since found love with new wife Emma.

BUSTED!! Wayne Rooney Arrested for Public Swearing Charges in US

January 06, 2019 0 Comments
Former England international footballer Wayne Rooney has been arrested for public swearing charges in Washington D.C.

The former Manchester United player, who now plays for American team DC United, was charged on December 16 in Loudoun County, Virginia, officials said.

He was arrested by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, although it is unclear whether he was held at the airport or elsewhere in the vicinity.

Officials state that he was released on his own recognizance and he reportedly paid a $25 fine on January 4. Report states that a hearing was due to take place on January 24, but this has now been waived.

Saturday, January 5

My Stomach Bleed Surgery is Caused by Split from Girlfriend - Diego Maradona

January 05, 2019 0 Comments
Argentinian  Legend was report to have hinted, his proposed  Surgery in Argentina may have been cause by depression from split from lover.

The football legend, 58, had failed to show up for training at Mexican side Dorados where he is now a coach.

It has now emerged that he has been admitted after internal bleeding in his stomach was detected during a routine check up.

Maradona will undergo an endoscopy at a clinic in Olivos, with children Gianna, Janita and Diego Jr at his side.

Maradona was expected to return to Mexico for Dorados' first Ascenso MX season clash against Celaya.

His absence had been credited to the former footballer suffering from depression due to problems in his personal and family life.

The claims were made on Argentine TV with Maradona’s recent split from girlfriend Rocio Oliva stated as one of the causes of the problems.

Brit's first Transgender Husband Happy and Wife to start a Family After Meeting Surrogate

January 05, 2019 0 Comments
One of Britain's first set of Transgender Husband and Wife are happy to start a family after they met some surrogate to bare children for them. Jake and Hannah Graf met three years ago and married at the beginning of 2018.

The transgender couple have recently moved in together after years of splitting their time between Jake’s west London flat and Hannah’s former army barracks at Sandhurst.

They first connected over social media through mutual friends in the transgender community.

Jake, an actor and director, transitioned 10 years ago, while Hannah, who joined the army as a man and served in Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers, began transitioning five years ago.

Jake told Barcroft TV: “We have that link that most of society will never understand which is a really, really powerful thing to have.

“Our trans identities are just something that kind of eased our getting to know each other - it’s certainly not what brought us together, it’s certainly what not keeps us together, it’s certainly what not defines our relationship and it’s certainly not why we are together. We are together because of everything else and the fact that we are both trans just makes those difficult moments that much easier.”

Keen to have children, the couple are starting 2019 by looking into the surrogacy process.

Jake said: “Our next plan is now surrogacy. So we have already spoken to several agencies about our surrogacy journey and done lots of research.”

[GRAPHIC] Law Student Murdered Lecturer After Catching him Cheating (VIDEO)

January 05, 2019 0 Comments
A university lecturer was gruesomely murdered by a law student after she caught him cheating in a law exam.

Hasan Ismail Hikmet, 23, is accused of stabbing then shooting Ceren Damar Senel, a research assistant at Cankaya University in the Turkish capital city of Ankara.

The 27-year-old died at the scene despite the efforts of paramedics who were called by horrified eyewitnesses.

Hikmet later gave himself up to police officers who claim he went home to get the gun of his father, a retired police officer, before returning to shoot the academic.

Hasan Ismail Hikmet, shoot Ceren Damar Senel
He allegedly told them he decided to kill Ms Senel after she refused to be dissuaded from launching an investigation into him for cheating in the law exam.
Hikmet allegedly called his parents to tell them what he had done after the incident and his father went with him to a local police station.

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Trump Threatened Government Shutdown may Last for Years if Border wall not Built

January 05, 2019 0 Comments
US President Donald Trump has said US Government will remain shutdown, no matter how long until the border wall is founded 

After meeting top Democrats, he also said he could declare a national emergency to bypass Congress and build a US-Mexico border wall.

Trump insisted he would not sign any bill without wall funding, which Democrats adamantly oppose.

Around 800,000 federal workers have been without pay since 22 December.

The Republican president initially gave a positive account of yesterday’s meeting at the White House, describing it as “very productive”.

But then he acknowledged in response to a journalist’s question that he had threatened to keep federal agencies closed for years if necessary.

“I did say that, absolutely I said that,” said Trump in the executive mansion’s Rose Garden. “I don’t think it will but I am prepared.”

“I’m very proud of doing what I’m doing,” the president added. “I don’t call it a shutdown, I call it doing what you have to do for the benefit and safety of our country.”

When asked whether he had considered using emergency presidential powers to bypass congressional approval of funding, Trump said he had.

The U.S. Constitution assigns Congress the power over funding the federal government, so Trump would likely face legal challenges if he tried to bypass Congress on financing the wall.