Saturday, November 23

Wedding Dresses for Short fat Brides | How to buy Cheaper Wedding gown

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Bigger and fat women sometimes face huge challenges in finding a dress made perfectly for them, a dress that flatters her body shape. However, there is a vast collection of Wedding dresses for short fat brides on offer.

Never feel restricted because you are fat and flabby, celebrate your curves in all the right places with a gown that highlights your shape and allows you to radiate confidence on your big day.

Go for a dress that was particularly made for the chubby and fat bride in mind. There is a wealth of beautiful plus size designer collections in most bridal shops.

We believe that every bride is unique and has their taste and preference when it comes to design and style. With modern style and innovations, selecting the right wedding dress for the right body type is now made easier.

Your wedding day is special and has to be perfect in every way there is. We have put together many choices of styles, designs, and fabrics that will help you find just what you are looking for, for your body type and your personality.

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Saturday, November 9

Sunday, October 20

Wolof People: Marriage Traditions, Divorce and Culture

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The Wolof people are found in North Eastern part of Senegal, Mauritania, and Gambia. The Wolof people are the largest ethnic grouping in Senegal (35% of the Senegalese populace) and in Gambia they are about 12% of the Gambian populace. The Wolof as a people are largely Muslim and they practice Islam as religion. 

 To form a stronger and stable family unit, the Wolof people believed that cross-cousin marriage (young man marrying a maternal uncle’s daughter) was the best form of marriage – they are matrilineal in nature. This favors the idea that such measures provided the best and most stable marriages. 

Monday, October 14

10 Funny wedding Vows Sample for Him or her

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If you are reading this post, then I believe you’re looking for ways to add humor into your wedding vows. You want to personalized your vows, so to express yourselves through your writing.

To write funny wedding vows, some few steps need to be taken to make them hilarious and also pass on your love message to your significant other.

Wednesday, August 7

Here is How to Shop for Wedding Dress | A Must for all Plus Size Woman

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Shopping for work dress as a plus size woman can be stressful, imagine how it’s going to be when shopping for your wedding dress - overwhelming right..

Here is how to shop for wedding dress if you are a Plus size lady. This was compiled from Top of plus size models and Bridal experts within the industry.

Cut Down Your Entourage

Your family and friend’s counsel or opinion can help you make better choice while shopping for your wedding dress. I know how overwhelming it is for you to want all your friends to tag along.
As awesome as may this sound, it is not a good idea.  With too many people’s inputs come with clashing opinions.
As one of wedding dress shopping tips for 2019, limiting your shopping party to small quantity will do you more good.


Friday, July 26

The 5 Health benefits of Rose hip

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The health benefits of rose hip tea is enormous, I will show you a handful of them for the purpose of better understanding of this article.  


Rose hip tea got anti-inflammatory capabilities that relaxes the stomach’s muscles in order to prevent bloating while the antioxidants help the absorption of nutrients.

In addition, flavonoids aids digestive enzymes break down and digest food equally. Saponins prevent stomach upset and diarrhea, and prevent the spread of pathogens to ensure good digestion.

Improve Cardiovascular Health 

Rose hip tea embedded Anti-inflammatory properties that reduces the formation of inflammation in the blood vessels and arteries, and therefore help keep blood pressure in check. This help to prevents several cardiovascular diseases.

Recent researches show that a drink with an added 40 grams of rose hip powder, taken daily can improve the blood pressure levels in an obese individual. It has also shown improved effects to bring down bad cholesterol levels.

Immune the body 

Nutrients like the Vitamins A and C in rose hip tea are needed to support the immunity of the body by protecting the body from common cold and flu.

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Sunday, July 21

5 simple Mantra for Prosperity, Protection and Marriage

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Astrologers recognized that there are three major elements that influence or impede our daily lives; this intricate arises due to planetary placements and planetary periods. These are Mantra, Yantra and Gemstones. Buddhism for long has used mantra for Prosperity, protection and marriage. Every situation we find ourselves or anything we want to achieve, there is a mantra for it – there is a mantra for Prosperity, protection and marriage and whole lots more.

What is mantra?

Mantra is a combination of words or Phrases framed in a certain way and repeated multiple times during meditation. It is an ancient practice common in India and many other parts of the world. When these phrases are pronounced correctly, they concentrate universal energy into the individual's spiritual energy.

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Tuesday, May 21

4 Sex Positions That Burn Calories and Help You Lose Weight Fast

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Love making is a Physical act same as any form of exercises, it makes use of energy when doing it – in other words sex helps you burn calories. There are 4 sex positions that burn calories and help you lose weight fast with a visible effect in days.
In this article, we look at some facts about Positions that burn calories and help you lose weight fast.

Can I Burn Calorie during Intimacy with my Partner?

It is important to know that you need to invest in quality time with your partner in bed. There is nothing greater than having a good hot, steamy (exercise) session. Working out your heart rate, ramping up your body temperature are all gear toward burning calories, which is key in the fight against belly fat.
Lots of works and research have been carried out in this area – relating to sex and energy expenditure. Obviously, everyone wants to know more about it. How Surprising will it be, when you tell people the reason you’re having more sex these days is to help you burn calories and lose weight fast, funny right, but of a truth that reason is genuine

Which Sex Positions Burn the Most Calories and Help me Lose Weight?

Now, we know ‘sexercise’ is officially a thing, but you need to know which positions can burn more calories and help you lose weight. In addition, they also reduce belly fat.
Please bare in mind that it’s not only the position that brings the resultant effects. The intensity of love making and more vigorous romp matters – the longer you last, the more calories you are going to shred.
Therefore, here are the most energy-consuming 4 sex positions that burns calorie and help you lose weight fast!

Do It Standing

This position is one of the most effective positions if you want to have the ultimate intimacy workout. Here you work pretty hard to brace your core and support your weight (and your partner’s). You will move more muscles than you would lying down. Before i forget, you will need stamina for this.


Some people might think this position is not an adventurous move. Missionary position is a great calorie burner. It works on the inner thighs and core muscles, it depends on the exact position you adopt, it can also work your arms too.
 If your partner is thrusting toward you, you should make it an equal and opposite thrust back, and that requires a lot of core strength. This correspondingly burns calorie and help you lose weight fast.

Get a Squat in Cowgirl

For the ladies, this helps to burn calories around your inner thighs, glutes and abs. The lady assumes the squat position to kick start her exercise.  She can come up onto her feet, almost like a squat over him to make it even more intense. As she move up and down she is targeting her front thigh muscles and calves.
This position gives room to move forward and backward to work on that muscle group more and burn extra calories and lose weight in no distance time.
In Cowgirl an average220 calories is burned in a 20-30 minute session!!

Do it Doggy style

This position can burn a lot of calories. It helps to exercise the core muscles, glutes for the man. While for the woman, this position works on the triceps, chest, core and legs. This is very good for cardio workouts and aerobics.  A doggy style is a great position for calorie expenditure helping you lose weight fast.


Now you know all that you need to know about different sex position that stand in as exercise for you.

So, which of this positions will you be trying tonight !

If you’re ready to hit your weight loss goals the and burn your belly fat the The Underground Fat Loss Manual offers fast and safe plans for you and your lifestyle. 

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Friday, April 19

Young Boy Upset with his Mother Jumps off a Bridge into a River - VIDEO

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A tragic event too place at about 7 o'clock this evening.  A young boy was seen on an ever busy highway in Shanghai.

The video footage shows when the young boy rushed out from the stopped private car and leaped down to the bridge, leaving his mother chasing him.

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It is believe the boy is a senior elementary school student and his is been blamed by his mother for doing stupid things. Apparently that got his upset then he jump off the bridge to commit suicide

Ahhh!! this boy is really d***p

See Video @ below image

Monday, April 15

Dailyworldgist - Deadly Bird Kills Owner with Huge Claws While he Was Feeding it

April 15, 2019 0 Comments
A man who owns a cassowary which is known as world's deadliest bird', has been attacked and killed by his pet bird.

The deadly bird kills the owner with huge claws while he was feeding it

The 75-year-old man was savaged after he stumbled in the cassowary's enclosure while feeding it in Florida.

A cassowary is a large, flightless bird native to the tropical forests of New Guinea and north-eastern Australia.

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The birds can kill humans and other animals with their huge talons capable of ripping open flesh.

The man, named in US media as Marvin Hajos, was mauled at 10am yesteday.

Lieutenant Brett Rhodenizer, from the Alachua County Sheriff's Office, told : "Unfortunately, he did not survive his injuries at the hospital."

"We are working in our investigation to confirm this was in fact a tragic accident for a man and his family."

The bird was reportedly being kept at the property as a pet. It has since been secured at the site, police said.

Cassowarys are not traded for meat in the US but are kept by some collectors.